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Supplementary Agreement For Tod Metering For Lt Iv Industrial Consumers

c) the applicant bears the delivery costs in accordance with this code. Application above, means that the application is complete in all respects, in the form requested by the distributor, as well as documents showing the payment of necessary royalties and other compliances such as the execution of the agreement and the presentation of the audit/approval report by the electrical inspector, etc. iv) Could the HT link not be operated after the expiry of the three-month notice period; Since the consumer obligation has not been met and the supply of LT has remained available to the consumer`s premises, with the exception of the LT connection invoice, minimum/demand rates for the HT connection, in the event of a reduced demand, are increased accordingly, taking into account the actual contractual demand referred to in point 10.23 of this code, and to increase proportionately the duration of the HT contract. (a) authorization/authorization of the local/legal authority, where necessary under a law or rule. This may be necessary for industrial connections, large non-national compounds and multi-consumer complexes. 2. The actual period between the exchange date of the component of the measurement system during which evidence is found until a theft is discovered; (ii) the HT measurement agreement continues and the count of the electricity delivered is carried out according to the current LT tariff, after deducting the 3% conversion loss. The rent billing of the meter is made after HT-Metering. (s) “contractual burden or contractual request”: the maximum charge in KW, KVA or HP provided by the taker and contractually agreed by the consumer and mentioned in the agreement between the consumer and the taker; (d) Any other message that the licensee wishes to communicate z.B.dem consumer, indicate his phone/mobile number, if available, on the part of the invoice that the dewriter withholds upon receipt of the payment. This information can be used to improve communication with consumers.

vi) Lights, light bulbs/timers, etc., are supplied by the consumer and replaced by the licensee within 7 days of receiving them. The timer must be set to turn on the streetlights 15 minutes before sunset and turn off the streetlights 15 minutes after sunrise. At the request of the streetlights, the licensee switches on and off the public lighting/dener on the pylons. All of these services are paid for. Maintenance work on special streetlights, such as. B on the tuber holder, in the case of underwater wiring, etc., performed by the local body, can only be carried out by the local agency. (d) in the case of industries, when the industry manufactures different products, not in a single manufacturing process, and their physical locations are different and different. (2) postal address of premises for which power is required and for which the agreement is carried out; (c) in the case of a limited public or private limited-capital limited company, the statutes and statutes as well as the constitution and authorization on behalf of the applicant for the signing of the application form and the agreement. (jj) “independent feeder,” a feeder built at the expense of the consumer or a group of consumers, who provides electricity only to that consumer or group of consumers.