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Product Display Agreement Sample

The company is free to present, promote, market, demonstrate, offer, sell and license prod-ucts to third parties, including Commenteter customers and customers, within or outside the territory. The company is free to enter into the same business conditions or conditions similar to those of this agreement with a natural customer or organization, including, but not exclusively, for customers on or outside the territory. Remarketer is free to promote, market, market, demonstrate, offer, sell, sell and license products to third parties, including customers and customers of the company, inside or outside the area. Remarketer is free to enter into the same terms and conditions as this Agreement with an individual or organization for each product for customers, including customers within or outside the territory. The demo product agreement, which applies on the date listed below between Mobile Mounting Solutions Inc. (“Mobile Mounts”) and the customer (below) sets the terms of the loan terms of the products on Mobile Mounts` attached offer (“Product”) to the customer for the sole purpose of demonstrating and evaluating the product. The customer agrees that such a product loan will be subject to the following conditions: 3.) The demonstration period begins when the customer receives the product. The product must be obtained from Mobile Mounts on the day or before the return date listed below. If the product is not received on Mobile Mounts until the return date, Mobile Mounts will be charged and the customer agrees to pay the amount listed on the attached offer, plus shipping costs.

In light of the mutual agreements set out in the agreements and the intention to be legally bound to them, the parties agree that Remarketer cannot reproduce, modify or rewrite products, documentation or part of them without the company`s prior written consent, and Remarketer must not sublicate, modify or rewrite the licence. “documentation,” the user manual, if any, and, if applicable, product specifications. “zone”: the Annex 1 area. 5.) The customer takes care of all the risks associated with the loss or deterioration of the product. “Remarketer,” a commercial entity that buys products or services for marketing purposes. At its expense, unless expressly stated otherwise, Remarketer, as follows, must be the fulfillment of a mission, the provision of advice and advice, support, assistance or access to a resource (for example. B an information database) that the company can allow you to put on the market. “Sale” means, if this happens, that the customer executes an order, that the company receives the contract from the taker and that the company accepts the order. Each party ensures that it has all the rights necessary to conclude this agreement and that all tasks that must be performed under this agreement must be carried out competently, in a timely manner and in labour law. WARRANTIITIES SPECIFICALLY SET FORTH IN THIS CONTRACT ARE IN THE PLACE OF ALL OTHERS, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, BUT NO LIMITED TO, ANY GUARANTEE OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. You agree to immediately notify the entity in writing of expected changes or changes to your financial structure, business structure or business environment (for example. B a substantial change in the capital structure or management, or a substantial change in the information you provided to the company when you applied for the conclusion of the relationship) (except: , this is excluded by law or by law).