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Nureg Collective Agreement

In the SV collective agreement, the following three groups receive the SD: On June 12, 2019, an agreement was reached between the employer and 15 negotiating partners on the damage caused in Phoenix (Chart #4). Psac did not accept the terms of the agreement, which includes up to five days of paid leave and compensation for monetary and non-monetary losses. In addition, the 34 agreements contain the same Memorandum of Understanding on the implementation of collective agreements. The agreement defines the new method of calculating retroactive payments and provides for longer time frames for the implementation of the agreements. The agreement also includes appropriate liability measures and compensation for staff, given the extended delays. In this context, and in accordance with the recently concluded/signed agreements, an extension of the definition of the family, as proposed here, would be appropriate for the SV Group as part of a comprehensive settlement. The employer argues that approval of such an amendment would have a significant financial impact – more than $15 million for the SV group – and would exceed the provisions of other CPA collective agreements without justification. At the beginning of this round of negotiations, the government made it clear to all negotiators that retroactivity and implementation of the agreements are key issues, given the continuing challenges posed by the Phoenix wage system and the implementation of agreements reached in the previous round of negotiations. 1.04 When a worker is subject to this agreement, the worker`s leave credits are recalculated under the leave credit formula that applies to the employee`s modified work program. The employer therefore asks the Commission to include in its report the employer`s proposal for a four-year collective agreement, with an economic increase of 2%, 2%, 1.5% and 1.5% and 1% for group economic measures. The parties also agree to meet within one hundred and eighty days (180) from the date of the signing of this agreement. According to the employer, there is no justification for the proposed amendment. The LI and SC groups have specific provisions on on-call time compensation in the collective agreement: the employer argues that these employees do not require overtime for the change of position on a regular or operational basis.

Approval of this proposal would result in unnecessary additional costs to the employer.