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Trade Agreement Consultants

As members of the STTAS family, you have direct access to executives who respond in a timely manner. Of course, we make plans that can address any aspect of your global business operations. But more importantly, we need to build relationships. We get to know your business, your challenges and your employees. Livingston provides expertise in free trade programs with a wide range of services that will help you qualify for preferential rates. The most vulnerable companies are those that import and export a large number of products, or that use many independent suppliers. The regions and strategic sectors mentioned above should correspond to at least one of the following specific sectors: (a) the facilitation of tariffs and trade; (b) import formalities and requirements; (c) non-tariff barriers (NBEN); (d) technical barriers to trade (TT); (e) investments; (f) services; (g) intellectual property rights; (h) public procurement; (i) corporate social responsibility; (j) sustainable development; (k) sanitary and plant health measures (SPS); l) agriculture and fishing; (m) competition policy and state-owned enterprises. We take the best talent in world trade, including former customs and tax officials from almost every region of the world, as well as experienced trade professionals from the key sectors we serve. Our 950 international business experts based in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North America and Latin America offer consulting and management services worldwide, as well as compliance reviews and training for companies of all sizes. Are you right? We fully analyze your product suite to determine eligibility for free trade agreements or specific trade program certifications.

If your product assortment changes, our experts provide you with a standardized process for reliably assessing eligibility. A free trade agreement or free trade agreement is a policy aimed at promoting the development of international trade by removing tariffs, quotas and national rules that may limit the import or export of goods and services (source). It applies only to products manufactured and exported to the countries participating in the agreement. Please note that goods must travel directly to their final destination without transit to enjoy the benefits of the free trade agreement. The world of commerce is complex and constantly changing, but DSV is here to help you navigate. Our experts are ready to work with you to find the best ways to classify, evaluate and validate your products to reduce your costs and ensure proper documentation and processing. The commercial tips of horses you need if you need them. You don`t need to add staff or invest in training to manage compliance with global trade rules. Instead, you can call on our experts to carry out a specific short-term project or to develop a comprehensive long-term plan. It is an almost impossible task to do it yourself, but you can use our help because world trade is all we do.

STTAS professionals focus exclusively on the minutes of transporting goods from one country to another. This allows you to focus on the overall picture of your company`s growth. Many companies say they do business advice, but this is often a secondary insight into their main focus. Your success in respecting trade is everything to us. The value you can get by reducing costs and troubles, our services are worth every penny. Trade agreements must be negotiated. Document control. Preferred prices. A tactic to minimize duty. Eligibility. The know-how makes a big difference. Ask.

Free trade agreements (FAs) have proven to be one of the most effective ways to open foreign markets to U.S. exporters. Trade agreements reduce barriers to U.S. exports and protect U.S. interests and strengthen the rule of law in the AC partner country